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Blood Runs Cold Album Now Available

In 2003 I "starred" in a short film called Blood Runs Cold. It was a retelling of The Telltale Heart by Edgar Allan Poe. I played the madman/killer trying to hide his crime by going more and more insane. Blood Runs Cold won the "Best In Show" and "Best Short Fiction" awards at the 2004 Central Michigan International Film Festival.

I wrote the music for this short at my home studio, which at the time was mainly a couple of Yamaha keyboards, a Quadraverb, and ProTools. I've always been proud of this score, but the equipment used definitely dated the production. I'd had it in mind for a while to remake this score using modern sample libraries. Given that 2023 was the 20th anniversary the film's release, I took the opporunity to do just that.

However, I did not have an edit without the original music, so adding new music would remove the dialogue and sound effects. I decided this 20th anniversary re-release would be a "silent film version" using subtitles to replace the dialogue. But to keep things from getting too sonically empty, I recorded foley sound effects to replace the missing footsteps, door squeaks, heartbeats, and the like.

See the full Silent Film Version on YouTube:

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